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The engine shop at Hendrick Motorsports has always been a place of high prestige. In that shop, the powerful engines that supply our Sprint Cup cars with the horsepower needed to race at unthinkable speeds are made.  

Back in 2007, I was part of the crew that made those engines run—and the women were outnumbered by the men by more than 100.

Sandi Holder

Events and community relations

Sandi Holder worked in the Hendrick Motorsports engine shop for five years before transitioning into her current role. She was the first female production engine technician to work in the shop.

The final whistle had blown, signaling the end of the of the 2009 college football National Championship game between The University of Alabama and The University of Texas.  

And we – the Alabama Crimson Tide football players—were now champions.

Rowdy Harrell

Back-up tire carrier, Nos. 48/88 teams

Photo credit: UA/Crimson Tide Photos

Racing works opposite most other sports in that we can’t rely on peak performance to carry us to victory. A simple example of this is if we look at a race team’s performance through the course of a NASCAR race. You can put on a dominating performance and be on your way to victory when all of a sudden the engine fails. 

Andy Papathanassiou

Director of Human Performance
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