Hendrick Motorsports

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It was just an ordinary day in 1990. I had stopped by a local Busch race team in Lake Wiley, South Carolina, and was browsing around the shop. This wasn’t anything unusual for a guy like me. With a background in machinery and a strong passion for racing, my purpose in the shop that day was simple—to learn as much as I could about the sport I loved. Little did I know, my casual visit to the small shop would change my life forever.

Darrell McDonald

5/24 mechanic

Thirty days. That’s how long Harry Hyde gave me to make a good impression on him upon my arrival at Hendrick Motorsports on July 9, 1984. Harry was the crew chief for the No. 5 car of Geoff Bodine at the time and other than Mr. Hendrick, he was the boss at the top of the hill.  If he liked me after 30 days, I could keep working as a body man painter on the No. 5 car at Hendrick Motorsports. If not, I was to go back home to Ohio and find a job there. 

Tony Bunnell

Paint supervisor

You’ve been training for this exact moment for months. Your heart is pounding as you step up to the line, ready and in position.  You visualize the perfect run – staring down the A-zone of the paper target in front of you. The one phrase flashing through your head is, “Trust in your training and follow it.” Then you hear the high-pitched buzzer, signaling you to begin.

Nathan Carter

Design engineer
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