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The Hendrick '10 Keys to Success'

Throughout the history of Hendrick Motorsports and the Hendrick Automotive Group, Rick Hendrick’s “10 Keys to Success” have been a mainstay within the organizations. We are pleased to share them with you today.

1.Optimism - Think positively.

2.Faith - Believe in yourself, God and your country.

3.Planning - Know what’s important each day, set your priorities accordingly.

4.Determination - Have the courage to stand alone when taking the big risks in life. “If it’s   to be, it’s up to me.”

5.Vision - Think big, dream big, keep success in your mind.

6.Attitude - If you think you can’t, you’re right.  Winners have positive attitudes.

7.Goals - Set goals, plan how to achieve them.

8.Perseverance - Try and try again until the goal is achieved, never give up.

9.Knowledge - Learn to accept your mistakes, but make them only once.

10.Enthusiasm - Choose work you like, enjoy the challenges.


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