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Limited edition coin released to benefit Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital

CONCORD, N.C. (Aug. 25, 2008) – The Jeff Gordon Foundation is pleased to announce the release of a 2008 limited edition Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital Coin. The one-time-only numbered coin is available now with a $50 donation at the Foundation Web site, www.jeffgordonfoundation.org. 

The coin is part of the Foundation’s ongoing support for the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital, and specifically benefits the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a clinical services area of the hospital. This campaign will provide funding for eight new state-of-the-art neonatal incubators, with two of those being a special type, GE Giraffe OminBed. 

These incubators, also known as Isolettes, provide a safe, warm environment for premature babies to grow until they reach approximately four pounds and can maintain their temperature in a bassinet.

“It is of paramount importance that any baby born less than 32 weeks be placed in an incubator with humidity,” said Tinky Whittington, NICU Nurse Manger. “Maintaining good skin integrity is one of the best defenses against infection in the premature infant. The new humidified incubators will protect the fragile premature infant’s skin by keeping the skin soft and supple. In essence, it mimics the environment of the womb.”

The limited edition coin will be available now through the end of the year at The Jeff Gordon Foundation web site, www.jeffgordonfoundation.org for a $50 donation designated to the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital. The coin is designed with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital logo on the front, surrounded by the words “2008 Campaign” and the limited edition number for that coin. 

The back of the coin contains the Foundation’s logo and the words, “Determination,” “Courage,” “Perseverance” and “Strength.”  These words are associated with the Foundation and describe the traits that children who are fighting life-threatening diseases teach us. These words also can be found in the hallway of the Children’s Hospital. 

Please allow six-to-eight weeks for delivery. For more information visit www.jeffgordonfoundation.org


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