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Getting to know Murray Timm, fabricator in the Nos. 5/88 shop

CONCORD, N.C. (Feb. 26, 2010) – Walk through the Nos. 5/88 shop at Hendrick Motorsports and chances are you’ll see Murray Timm moving the inspection template on one of the shop’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolets. Every inch matters, and with a smile masking his frustration, he spends countless hours making sure the race cars are ready for inspection at the racetrack. Meet Murray:

Full name: Murray Timm
Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario Canada.
Team/Job duties:  Supervise building car bodies, handle templates, help with wind tunnel testing and other special projects.

Time at current job: 14 years.

Years in racing:  22 years.

First racing job: Worked on an ARCA team with Gibbons Motorsports from 1994 to 1996; Peter Gibbons was the owner and driver.

First job overall: Star Racing Engines in Canada from 1986 to 1993.

If I wasn’t in racing I would be: Doing something to help others. (In 2002, Timm started Pit Crews for Kids, an organization that visits the Pediatric Bone Marrow Unit at Duke University Hospitals as an outreach of the Hendrick Marrow Program. Today, the group continues the effort and visits four times a year. For more information, visit the Hendrick Marrow Program.)

Best racing memory: Watching my boys win their first National pavement races. Cole, who is 11 years old, won at Orange County Speedway in North Carolina, and Ryan, who is 9 years old now, won at Beaver Run in Pennsylvania.

Favorite track: The old Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.
Hobbies outside of racing: Working in my shop.
Favorite sport other than racing: Shopping, camping, golf.

When I’m not at the track you can find me: Acting like a kid somewhere.

On an off weekend you can find me: Making memories by spending time with my family.
Favorite movie:  Any chick flick.

Favorite book: “God Said Yes” by Heather Hornback-Bland.

Favorite music: Everything but rap.

My current car is: Chevrolet Z-71.

Dream car: A wrecked one.

If I could meet anyone, I’d meet: Jesus Christ.

Favorite food: Japanese.

If I ran NASCAR, I’d: Make all the drivers go up into the grandstands and sign autographs.

One thing people don’t know about me: Earrings make me gag if you pull on them!

Before the race, I always: Pray.