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CONCORD, N.C. – This year, Hendrick Motorsports partner Hertz is celebrating its everyday heroes – ordinary people doing extraordinary things and going out of their way to provide exceptional service.

At Hendrick Motorsports, there are plenty of everyday heroes as well that help make the organization what it is. With that in mind, the organization is recognizing its own Hertz Heroes at Hendrick Motorsports throughout the season.

The next of those heroes to be honored is Kyle Rivera, a video editor in the pit department and an assistant pit crew coach.

Rivera captures and organizes video footage for the pit department so the teams can constantly improve their performance on the track.

“I edit, shoot video, I actually break down video as well and also do data analytics," Rivera explained. "For me, I break down every movement."

Utilizing a variety of angles including an overhead camera and multiple helmet cameras, he said it's all about providing "every little detail" to the teams after each pit stop of a race.

Attending Youngstown State in Ohio, Rivera worked with the football team in college. Having a football background, much like many of the athletes on the pit crews, was a beneficial connection. Pit crew coach Chris Burkey saw an opportunity to utilize Rivera’s video experience and brought him to Hendrick Motorsports to enhance the pit crews and help them perform at the top of their game.

"Watching yourself is the biggest tool that you can have as a performer to actually learn from," Rivera said. "I've got tons of guys that ask me every week, 'When's the film going to be up?' Because they're anxious to see themselves and they're anxious to see how they did for that race."

Learn more about Rivera and his role within the organization as he’s interviewed by the driver of the No. 24 Hertz Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, William Byron, in the video above.