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CONCORD, N.C. – Thursday morning, seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson appeared on Cheddar.

Anchor Tim Stenovec joined Johnson on the Hendrick Motorsports campus to discuss topics such as his early-racing career, what he would do if he weren’t racing, the relationship with Hendrick Motorsports and No. 48 team partner Ally and the technologic advancement within the sport.

He then headed to the pit pad, added some knee pads to his outfit of the day and got an up-close look at the pit crew as they practiced making pit stops. Stenovec even tried his best at changing one of the tires where he received minimal coaching and help from some of our department’s developmental athletes, and from the director of human performance at Hendrick Motorsports, Andy Papathanassiou.

After Stenovec had his turn at changing one of the 55 lb. tires on a practice race car, he agreed that the amount of practice and work it took for the pit crew to perform the way they do would be surprising to someone unfamiliar to the sport.

If you missed the interview, be sure to watch it in the video above.