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CONCORD, N.C. -- It was a wild ride at Watkins Glen for the second race of the 2020 eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series which saw Nick Jobes finish in the top five in the first Truck Series event of the season.

With that top-five finish, Jobes is tied for first place on the PlayStation 4 side of the series for Hendrick Motorsports Gaming Club.

Teammate Sam Morris finished his race on the XBox One in 14th place. After the second race, Hendrick Motorsports GC is in fifth place among the teams in the Heat Pro League.

Jobes rolled off the grid in his Ally truck in second place and quickly moved up to first in the fourth lap.

Less than a lap later he slid into the grass and was battling for the lead. He had contact with another competitor while in second place but the tense interaction was an advantage for Jobes as he regained the lead five laps in.

It was tight race until Jobes decided to head to pit road on lap eight, prompting most of the field to do the same.

Jobes was in third place with 15 laps to go after he came off pit road, then fell to fourth a lap later. He remained in that position until lap 16 when he decided to pit for the second time. He came off in fifth place but slid up to fourth place one lap later.

With five laps left, Jobes dropped a spot to fifth, which is how he finished the race.

Starting in eighth place in his truck, Morris quickly moved up to sixth in the first lap. One lap later he broke into the top five in third place.

He settled into fourth less than a minute later and maintained that position until he fell to fifth on lap three.

Contact on the fourth lap forced Morris down a spot to sixth place. Five laps in Morris fell another two spots to eighth.

He slid to 13th with 17 laps left in the race and joined the majority of the field at pit road. Coming out of the pits he fell to last place at 14th.

He pitted again with eight laps to go, but he remained a lap down in last place. After two more pit stops Morris finished 14th in the race.

Fans can catch the third race of the eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series Wednesday, May 6, at 8 p.m. ET on, through NASCAR Heat's Facebook Live page or through 704NASCAR Heat's Twitch page.