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CONORD, N.C. – Hendrick Motorsports’ pit crews train week in and week out to ensure they are strong and healthy enough to apply a clean pit stop multiple times each race, a feat that can take a toll on the pit members’ bodies.

Gene Monahan, an athletic trainer for Hendrick Motorsports, was on The Racing Writer’s podcast with Kelly Crandall and talked about how his time as an athletic trainer for the New York Yankees has prepared him for training the members of all four race teams. He spent 49 years working for the Yankees and retired to North Carolina, but came out of retirement when the opportunity to work in an industry he was passionate about as a child.

“To work all my life for the best franchise, I think, in professional sports which are the New York Yankees, and then to be able to work for the best company, Hendrick Motorsports, in racing, I got the best of both worlds and I just can’t believe it,” Monahan said in his podcast interview.

Monahan and Crandall talked about how his experience with the Yankees have brought a fresh perspective to training in motor sports and what it’s like to move from bustling New York City to the quieter suburbs of North Carolina. To listen to the full podcast on Apple, Google, or Spotify, click on the links below.