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“Phoenix is tough track. I enjoy racing there and it’s a cool area to visit. I feel like the track stays pretty much the same even as it ages. The tire, the package we bring and the weather always plays a factor, but I feel like we pass as much there now as we did when it was first repaved. It’s definitely wider, but it always seems like the bottom is the best spot.”

Kasey Kahne

“I felt like it was a solid race for us in the spring. We had a good car and got a decent finish. We’d made gains throughout the race and I think that we can take a lot of that back this weekend. The guys did a great job in Texas. I think we’re just going to Phoenix to try and have the best day that we can and get a finish that these guys deserve.”

Chase Elliott

“Phoenix is going to be like every other race weekend for this Lowe’s team. We are heading there to win. There is no such thing as a ‘throw away’ race in my mind. If my pit crew has more exposure in racing for the win, they have more pressure on them. We could all use practice with pressure because Homestead will bring a lot of pressure. So pressure is good for us. We will be racing for every point we can race for, even if we are locked in. We will race our race and let everyone else race theirs.”

Jimmie Johnson

“I’m ready to get to Phoenix. We’ve got two chances to win this weekend, so we should be pretty good. At Hendrick Motorsports with the No. 88 team, we really haven’t discussed expectations at all – we’ve all just been doing the best job we can. But I want to win a race. I think that would do more for my career than anything else would, so we’re going to try everything we can to make that happen and if not, we’re just going to run the best we possibly can.”

Alex Bowman