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“The West Coast swing is great and Phoenix is such a cool track. It just keeps getting better as it ages. They did a lot of work to it to make it what it is and I really enjoy it. On a long run you can pass cars and it’s a neat track.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Phoenix

“I have enjoyed going to Phoenix. It’s a fun place to go because it’s unique and different than the rest of the tracks, which is always fun.”

Chase Elliott on racing at Phoenix

“I guess the changes that have taken place. For the longest time, it was an old surface and tricky and we hit on it and won a bunch. The reconfiguration or resurface job threw a huge curveball at us. Now it is changing again. I don’t think the track is going to change much, obviously where the start/finish line is going to relocate, but it’s going to look and feel completely different and where the start/finish line is moving it could have a much different ending to a race than what we are used to seeing.”

Jimmie Johnson on what makes Phoenix unique

“Last month we had a two-day test at Phoenix, so we got some laps on the track. Testing was fun – we had a good opportunity to gather some data and learn some things. Phoenix is a good track for us. We have certainly had a great car at Phoenix the last several times. We are going to try to keep on chipping away and grabbing some points. I am looking forward to the next several weeks and I’m excited to get in the Axalta car – that car is awesome.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Phoenix