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LOUDON, N.H. – On the weekend of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s last NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the track presented him with two special gifts.

David McGrath -- executive vice president and general manager of the Loudon, New Hampshire, venue -- presented the driver with a custom-made Flintock Musket, a tri-corner hat and a powder horn.

The gifts were given as a nod to the history of the New England area.

“Well, first off, the musket that is really pretty awesome,” Earnhardt smiled. “I don’t have one of those in my collection.”

After posing for a photo with the Minutemen, the track then presented Earnhardt with another gift.

The New Hampshire Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities made an $8,800 donation in Earnhardt’s name to The Injury Prevention Center of New Hampshire. The center provides bicycle helmets to kids in need, ensuring a safe bike ride.

“It means a lot to me that the track went in that direction,” Earnhardt said. “That is a really great idea.”

Earnhardt also explained the significance of children wearing helmets while riding bikes. He felt that his gift will promote safety in cycling and really make an impact.

“That is going to buy a lot of bike helmets and that is critical,” Earnhardt explained. “That is going to save some kids from injury, I’m certain of it. It also will promote to those kids to continue to cycle throughout their lives to do it in a safe way and will promote that to their friends as well.

"This will make an impact far beyond what we can imagine.”