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CONCORD, N.C. – The NASCAR offseason is in full swing and Jimmie Johnson is ready to relax, reflect and reset.

“Every offseason has a different effect,” Johnson said. “This one is much more just about letting go of stress and tension and relaxing.”

This time last year, Johnson was celebrating his record-tying seventh NASCAR Cup Series championship, and thus his offseason was a bit different.

“Last year, to win the championship, it was being on top of the world,” he shared.

Johnson looks to reflect on this past season and hit the reset button before heading into 2018.

“This year is a lot different, there is kind of licking my wounds in a sense, trying to think through what we could have done better in 2017, as this month moves on start implementing ideas and changes to be a stronger race team, communicate better, put a better product on the track,” Johnson said. “So I think this one is going to be much more about work than it is about celebrating, which we experienced last year.”

Outside of preparing for next season, Johnson is looking forward to hitting the slopes.

“Obviously winter is the offseason and there are plenty of skiing and snow sports to participate in,” he said. “That’s on my radar and I can’t get to Colorado fast enough.”