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CONCORD, N.C. – No one can question Jimmie Johnson’s relentless work ethic.

The driver’s seven NASCAR Cup Series championships speak to that point.

And in his latest book, author Jeff Haden features Johnson to show how that type of tireless effort can help breed success in any field.

“The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win” was released this week, and Johnson is one of the superstars included in the book.

Haden recalled a story from Johnson’s life that made him want to include the seven-time champion.

“Before Jimmie Johnson was that Jimmie Johnson, he moved to Charlotte — with no money and no connections — and lived on someone’s couch,” Haden recalled. “He made business cards that had his name and ‘Professional Race Car Driver’ at the bottom. He went to where team guys ate lunch and introduced himself. He went to every auto show. He went to every sponsor event possible. He hustled and networked and seized any opportunity, no matter how small, that he could.

“I wanted Jimmie to be in my book because he’s the perfect example of how consistent, relentless effort — of doing the right things, as often and as well as you possibly can — will eventually pay off.”

As’s most popular columnist, Haden has previously profiled many Hendrick Motorsports teammates, from Johnson to crew chiefs Greg Ives and Alan Gustafson and even owner Rick Hendrick.

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