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CONCORD, N.C. – From bike rides to runs and exercising at the fitness center on campus, there are plenty of ways Hendrick Motorsports employees can spend their lunch breaks aside from actually eating.

In the video above, Jared Morris, production dyno operator at Hendrick Motorsports, explains why he prefers spending his lunches on the performance training field on campus. He and his coworkers play a game similar to volleyball, except they use a 12-pound medicine ball instead of a standard volleyball.

Known as “Hoover Ball” or “Danny Ball,” it’s a great way to interact and socialize with team members from all over campus, Morris said.

“It’s good to get a lot of guys from different parts of the company, because often times, with 600 employees, we don’t get a chance to talk to people from different departments,” he said. “We all come out here and have a good time on our lunch break and sweat together and get to know some people that you might not meet otherwise.”

Watch Morris give fans give a detailed look at how the game is played in the video above.