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CONCORD, N.C. – Each Wednesday, a new edition of #MorningsWith airs live on the Hendrick Motorsports Twitter account, introducing fans to teammates all across the organization’s Concord, North Carolina, campus.

This week, we got to know design engineer Rob Metzger.

“Anything that you see on the cars -- interior, exterior suspension -- me or one of my teammates usually ended up drawing it first,” he said. “We go through and we’ll make all the parts, pieces, components, tooling. We’ll do drawings, renderings for the aero department. We pretty much do all the blue printing and all the design work for all the teams. Whatever they need, we make it.”

Growing up in Michigan, Metzger had an interest in racing from a young age. He went to races with his family at Michigan International Speedway, one of which helped spark racing as a serious career possibility.

“My girlfriend at the time – who’s now my wife -- she bought me some tickets to go to the race and Jeff Gordon won,” Metzger said. “Ironically, it was the 100th win for Hendrick Motorsports.”

Witnessing that historic moment helped inspire Metzger to get where he is today.

“I think it was right about that time I said, ‘I can do this, I really could,’” he recalled.

Before starting with Hendrick Motorsports, Metzger wore a number of hats within the motorsports industry. He worked in an engine shop, as an engine tuner, tire carrier and eventually became a race engineer in the NASCAR Truck Series.

Wanting to learn as much as possible, his goal was to continue “putting more tools in the tool box.” And when Metzger interviewed with Hendrick Motorsports in 2010, he had all the qualities and skills the organization was looking for.

When he asked what the organization was looking for, Metzger received the answer “We’re looking for somebody that can do everything.”

Metzger’s response? “I’m your guy. I’ve done everything except weld and build shocks.”

Along the way, he’s also proud to have experienced so much success with the organization.

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of the fifth championship in a row with the No. 48 team,” he said. “Since then, we’ve gotten all the way up through 200, 250 wins and three championships for myself.”

Hear more about Metzger’s career and role with Hendrick Motorsports in the full edition of #MorningsWith below.