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CONCORD, N.C. – If you’ve ever wanted to see inside a NASCAR Cup Series team hauler, now’s your chance.

Tuesday, No. 88 hauler driver Andy Quillan gave a tour of the Nationwide hauler, which he drives to and from races all season long.

On the tour, which streamed live on Twitter, he explained everything that goes into the hauler for a race weekend – it’s currently getting ready to head to Daytona to start the season –  and answered a few fan questions along the way.

He showed off the lounge toward the front of the hauler, where Alex Bowman and No. 88 team crew chief Greg Ives will often debrief and hang out between track activity on a weekend. Fans also got a glimpse into the upstairs of the hauler, as well, where the cars are loaded every week.

The tour didn’t just encompass the inside, as Quillan stepped outside to expand on the No. 88 Nationwide hauler’s paint job and decals.

Finally, he even took fans up into the cab, where he spends so many hours on the road piloting the hauler.

“A home away from home,” Quillan called it.

Check out the full tour below.