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“Phoenix is tough. This new package will definitely be different, but I enjoy racing at Phoenix. It's a cool area and I enjoy the track. To me, you go into Turn 1 and it's a really sharp turn-in, so that's different than the rest of the racetrack. The rest of the track is kind of open -- your entry to (Turn) 3 is open, your exit of (Turn) 4 is really open -- but in Turn 1 it shuts down and you have to get right to the bottom most of the time. So to be able to do that and have good grip everywhere else and enough rear grip and things like that probably is the toughest spot, just making both corners the same since they're so different."

Kasey Kahne

“I’ve been fortunate to have some good cars at Phoenix. I thought we had two good cars out there last year. I don’t look at Phoenix as being a place I’ve figured out though. I think I have a lot of room for improvement there. On the Cup side the challenges are going to be much greater. I’m just trying to watch tape and learn as much as I can from the guys who really have the place figured out. I’m looking forward to getting on track.”

Chase Elliott

“Qualifying isn’t my strong suit, but last time out in Phoenix we were able to win the pole. Since Phoenix was repaved it’s been a tough track for the Lowe’s Racing team. We havent won since 2009. I think it has something to do with the asphalt and tire combination. This asphalt is really fast, it’s not abrasive yet and the tires last forever. I have always struggled on hard tires on repaved tracks, but in November we were pretty fast -- but the weather got in our way. Old, worn-out tracks, soft tires that wear out, that just fits my style since I’ve ever been in a race car. Phoenix is slowly evolving.”

Jimmie Johnson

“We struggled a little bit last weekend at Vegas, but we’re right there. We’re not too far off, so we’ll get it a little bit better and keep working on it. We’ll go on to Phoenix and see how we do there. Should be a lot of fun. Hopefully we can go back and try to get another win. It was a rain-shortened win last time, but my guys and I were very proud of it because of how the car ran all weekend, which put us in position. If we can unload that fast this weekend, we’ll be in good shape. The racetrack has a great history -- the place has been around for so long and the area has always supported it, so we should get a good crowd and I’m looking forward to it. ”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.