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“Dover is really neat. It’s a tough track. The rubber builds on the top of the track on long runs and your tires spin a lot. It’s a great track. Always one of the tracks I really look forward to and it is probably one of the toughest tracks, physically.”

Kasey Kahne

“I’ve always thought that Miles is a really cool trophy to win. As a fan watching I always thought that it was really unique. It also puts a good explanation of that racetrack into a trophy because that’s a really good description of what we fight and what you deal with at Dover. I think that’s a very fitting trophy and it would be great to have one.”

Chase Elliott

“There is just something about Dover that fits my driving style. There is some weird pressure that comes with that – we aren’t too happy when we aren’t running up to our expectations. It’s a tough race for sure and so many things can go wrong but it also suits (No. 48 team crew chief) Chad Knaus' style. When I think back to having 10 wins at Dover I just think about the three or four that got away from me over the years. It’s an unbelievable track, I wish we raced at Dover more than twice a year.”

Jimmie Johnson

“We had some issues last week at Kansas, but we will work hard to fix those before the next one. We feel like we’ve got a good enough team to do that. This sport cycles around and I never lose faith that Hendrick Motorsports will find the speed we need. I’m ready for Dover.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.