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“Michigan is cool because it’s a very fast track, but restarts can be tough and it can pretty hard to pass there. It’s obviously a big weekend because it’s in Chevy’s backyard and they are such huge supporters of our program. We’ve had a tough last couple of weeks, but Michigan would be a great place to turn it around.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Michigan

“I think a lot of it is (No. 24 team crew chief) Alan (Gustafson)'s success there in the past. He has won races there. He has a good feel for the racetrack. We ran well there the first race and I really think because we ran well, we went back and worked harder to try to run better. I think a lot of times when you have a good run at a racetrack, especially with the way the Michigan dates are – they are so close together – you could think you could just go back with the same thing and run well.  Where in reality, I think that is a good way to get behind and I think he did a good job of staying up on things and making sure we improved and didn’t just stay the same.”

Chase Elliott on his success at Michigan

“I’m in total amazement I didn’t even have a bruise from last weekend’s crash at Pocono. I’m looking forward to Michigan. It’s a fast track, speeds are crazy high, and all but once we have figured out how to lose that race in every way. Father’s Day weekend is always special – especially now since I am a dad. My father Gary is usually at the racetracks every weekend and it is always the intention to try and get a win for the dads. I’m thankful for all he sacrificed to allow me to follow my dream."

Jimmie Johnson on racing at Michigan

“We had a really fast car at Pocono, running top-five lap times. I was happy with the speed of the car, so hopefully we can carry that to Michigan. It’s typically a really good track for us. We’re back in the simulator this week preparing for it – we’ve just got to stay on it and keep working toward success.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Michigan