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“I really like going to Sonoma. It’s a very unique track and cool part of the country – it’s the closest we get to my home state of Washington. I had a tough time with figuring out the track the first few times I went there. But once I got it, we were much better there and even got a win in 2009.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Sonoma

“I like road courses, but I’m not sure what I need to do to improve at Sonoma. It’s just a very slow-feeling track with very little grip and a lot of finesse, kind of like Martinsville. I'm looking forward to getting there this weekend and seeing what we can do.”

Chase Elliott on racing at Sonoma

“Sonoma is tricky. Track position is important and there are all kinds of different strategies going on throughout the field, which keeps the engineers on their toes. We hope to qualify well and if you can save fuel, it usually creates more opportunities toward the end of the race. As a native of California, I’m always happy to get back there. It’s a great area with a lot to do.”

Jimmie Johnson on racing at Sonoma

“We’ve had great race cars at the road courses the last few years, which has helped me a lot. Sonoma is the most challenging track that I race at. We’ve just got to take care of our car and make it through to the end.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Sonoma