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BROOKLYN, Mich. – Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had his fair share of memories at Michigan International Speedway, from a pair of wins in the NASCAR Cup Series to an unforgettable second-place finish to his father in a 1999 IROC race.

So, when the track wanted to present Earnhardt with a gift, it came as no surprise that it involved some family history.

Rick Brenner, the president of Michigan International Speedway, stepped to the podium Friday afternoon and addressed the driver.

“On behalf of Michigan International Speedway and all of our fans, we just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for our sport, for all you’ve done here at Michigan and wish you the best of luck,” he told Earnhardt. “We do believe you’re not leaving, you’re just changing your role, so we look forward to seeing you back.”

He pointed out that Michigan was the only track where Earnhardt, his father and his brother all drove in the same NASCAR Cup Series race back in 2000.

“We were trying to think of something that would be meaningful of Michigan and maybe meaningful to you, too,” Brenner said.

He then revealed a framed photograph of the three Earnhardts together at the track.

“We found this picture to commemorate it, and we’d like to give it to you,” Brenner said. “So, thank you.”