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CONCORD, N.C. – With six episodes of the eight-part Hendrick Motorsports docuseries “Road to Race Day” now live on the go90 streaming platform, the reviews are in.

The New York Times called it an “adrenaline-driven documentary series.” said it’s a “raw and detailed look at the teams.”

“There are moments of tension and moments of joy, cursing and laughter,” the article reads.

Paste Magazine described the “handsomely photographed” series as “the exemplar” of go90’s “compelling sports shows.”

The author noted that the very first episode, focusing on Chase Elliott as he began his rookie of the year campaign with the No. 24 team, “contains some of the most beautiful slow-motion sports footage I’ve ever seen on television.”

Getting such an inside look at pit crews and other team members and their relationships with the drivers stood out in particular to the author.

“Onscreen, this feels breathtakingly new,” he wrote.

That’s a major factor of the series highlighted by USA Today.

“The film is at its best revealing personality and providing a platform to crewmen,” the article reads.

The episodes “pull back the veil on how Hendrick Motorsports conducts its everyday business,” and the author ventured that fans will be “both jarred and enthralled by the interactions that occur far from autograph lines.”

Yahoo! Sports notes that the camera crews were given “nearly unfettered access to the crews,” and the result gives fans “a good glimpse of team dynamics.”

In a chat with AdWeek, Complex Networks CEO Rich Antoniello said the show is “a personal drama – and these guys are fascinating.”

Check out the series for yourself now on go90, and catch up on 10 things you need to see in the first and second episodes focused on Elliott, the third and fourth episodes centered on Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the fifth and sixth episodes with Jimmie Johnson in the spotlight.

New episodes premiere on Wednesdays. Next week, Kasey Kahne and the No. 5 team take centerstage.