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Every week, every day and every race, the Farmers 5 team has a well-defined plan for each individual to perform at NASCAR’s highest level. It’s more than just driving a fast car. It’s preparing the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet for competition, mapping out a successful race strategy and excelling in the areas of physical fitness, stamina and agility. Together, the driver, crew and machine have the greatest chance to succeed and take the checkered flag.

Farmers Insurance also has a plan – to help you get smarter about your insurance decisions and help you plan ahead in determining how insurance fits into your daily life. In its second season in NASCAR, Farmers will showcase Kasey and the No. 5 team’s ‘Plan to Perform’ and how Farmers has the resources to guide you to your own Victory Lane when it comes to your insurance planning needs.

Visit FarmersRacing.com to get exclusive content on Kasey and the crew, and a behind-the-scenes look at their ‘Plan to Perform’.



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.@kaseykahne will captain team @poconoraceway in a celebrity softball game on April 30th! More information: http://t.co/PUokJBYuk7 #Farmers5

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#Farmers5 Photo Hunt answers revealed!

Were you able to find all five missing items? http://t.co/fLNupfPUKR

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#Farmers5 Photo Hunt! See if you can find all ‘5’ missing pieces in the bottom pic! We’ll reveal the answers shortly. http://t.co/cLDTdBkyR5

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.@WeAreFarmers & @KaseyKahne visited Kasey’s former Elementary to honor teachers. Take a look back at the event! http://t.co/iojib10rT8

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RT @WeAreFarmers: #DidYouKnow for every 10 degree drop in temperature, your tires lose 1 pound per square inch in pressure? http://t.co/1ZT…

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@markvphotos She certainly does! Thanks for helping @WeAreFarmers reach their goal of one million ‘thank you’ messages to teachers!

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@markvphotos high five to her! ?You can thank her at http://t.co/ppWNGvbq5f then have her submit a proposal for a grant! ????

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#DYK it’s National High Five day?!? High-five to all of you awesome #Farmers5 fans! ? #NH5D https://t.co/OosC3uO52h

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RT @TeamHendrick: Members of the Nos. 5/24 shop showed off their art skills by decorating eggs during a team luncheon earlier today. http:/…

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Got a free minute? Be sure to take a moment to sign up to win today’s @TeamHendrick #Hendrick30th prize! http://t.co/1kDtFDGXbm

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RT @WeAreFarmers: Join @kaseykahne & support our initiative to thank a million teachers! #ThankaTeacher at: http://t.co/nvqJOCcKNy http://t…

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