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Every week, every day and every race, the Farmers 5 team has a well-defined plan for each individual to perform at NASCAR’s highest level. It’s more than just driving a fast car. It’s preparing the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet for competition, mapping out a successful race strategy and excelling in the areas of physical fitness, stamina and agility. Together, the driver, crew and machine have the greatest chance to succeed and take the checkered flag.

Farmers Insurance also has a plan – to help you get smarter about your insurance decisions and help you plan ahead in determining how insurance fits into your daily life. In its second season in NASCAR, Farmers will showcase Kasey and the No. 5 team’s ‘Plan to Perform’ and how Farmers has the resources to guide you to your own Victory Lane when it comes to your insurance planning needs.

Visit FarmersRacing.com to get exclusive content on Kasey and the crew, and a behind-the-scenes look at their ‘Plan to Perform’.



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RT @WeAreFarmers: Congrats to Maggie, a teacher from Chicago, who just won a $100,000 grant in our Dream Big Challenge! http://t.co/oaE5UVY…

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TRIVIA: Name a school from @KaseyKahne’s @WeAreFarmers #ThankATeacher visits. Answer for a chance to win this! http://t.co/QlJaiWuw7w

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Today’s #Farmers25Days is going to be big. Check out the contest tweet is at 2pm ET! Winner will be selected at random.

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RT @TeamHendrick: “I was really happy to win at @amsupdates…that meant a lot to myself and my team.” - @kaseykahne


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Congrats to the @WeAreFarmers Dream Big Challenge winners! @KaseyKahne had a great time thanking teachers in 2014 too http://t.co/6E35raAd7U

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@homedada Happy holidays to you and your family too, Joseph!

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Want to know how @KaseyKahne stays healthy? Learn more from @WeAreFarmers’ Inside Track: http://t.co/pzieIE7a6L #NASCAR

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RT @NASCARHall: 67 years ago today, the 4th day of meetings at the Streamline Hotel concluded resulting in the birth of @NASCAR. http://t.c…

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RT @kaseykahne: I wish… http://t.co/ksukm5GHBO

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Our fans rock for designing our 2015 #Farmers5! MT @NASCAR: FIFTEEN new 2015 paint schemes: http://t.co/FX489Xwcw4 http://t.co/vkHRKUyux3

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RT @TeamHendrick: Are you stopping by to visit us this holiday season? Check our updated hours first:

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Need a new #Farmers5 sweatshirt? Go to our Facebook page now for your chance to win these: http://t.co/H4dQzhqMbc http://t.co/oXWyhsRCLV

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The next #Farmers25Days contest is on Facebook today at 2 p.m. ET! If you’re feeling the winter already, you don’t want to miss this prize!

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RT @NASCAR: Get ready for 2015 with @FOXSports’ #NASCAR Preview Show: http://t.co/VKlrpb1BHh http://t.co/YYiT4MVppw

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Congrats to @ravinoustmoney! You won yesterday’s #Farmers25Days poster. Please DM us your info. Thanks for playing everyone!

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Whoop! Whoop! RT @kaseykahne: 9000 ft #GoHawks http://t.co/HHy1nVriek

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RT @kaseykahne: Jackson Hole, Wyoming http://t.co/LQ6LJnc5VP

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We love it! RT @TeamHendrick: A No. 5 team ugly Christmas sweater. http://t.co/zNF4502k1o

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RT @NASCAR: NEWS: Sprint, NASCAR partnership to end after 2016 season: http://t.co/OFLsyktfPd http://t.co/2NavlQZLBy

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RETWEET to win a poster signed by @KaseyKahne! Winner will be chosen tonight. #NASCAR #Farmers25Days http://t.co/sapfyMR3EK

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