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Every week, every day and every race, the Farmers 5 team has a well-defined plan for each individual to perform at NASCAR’s highest level. It’s more than just driving a fast car. It’s preparing the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet for competition, mapping out a successful race strategy and excelling in the areas of physical fitness, stamina and agility. Together, the driver, crew and machine have the greatest chance to succeed and take the checkered flag.

Farmers Insurance also has a plan – to help you get smarter about your insurance decisions and help you plan ahead in determining how insurance fits into your daily life. In its second season in NASCAR, Farmers will showcase Kasey and the No. 5 team’s ‘Plan to Perform’ and how Farmers has the resources to guide you to your own Victory Lane when it comes to your insurance planning needs.

Visit FarmersRacing.com to get exclusive content on Kasey and the crew, and a behind-the-scenes look at their ‘Plan to Perform’.



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RT @kaseykahne: Really enjoying @MartinsvilleSwy test. 88 48 24 5 all HMS cars are here. http://t.co/iRSSWCTLDR

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Calling all veterans & active military! Enter to win and you might go VIP at Phoenix & meet @kaseykahne: http://t.co/BE347vMpM6

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RT @Hendrick5Team: I just signed up to run in the @KaseyKahneFndn #FiveKahne 5K on 10/12. Sign up today so you can join in the fun ????: http:…

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Know your #NASCAR? Answer our Win with Farmers questions for your chance to win #Farmers5 swag >> http://t.co/0WODB7mF7f

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The 2015 #NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has been announced! What races are you looking forward to? http://t.co/36KHTGPD3K http://t.co/A71GIMfAnu

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RT @Hendrick5Team: VIDEO: @KaseyKahne says team needs to try to “max our points each weekend & go for wins.” http://t.co/1ooM0lt0XD #FARMER…

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Have a friend you’d call Safest Driver? Class Bookworm? Add them to your @WeAreFarmers #ThankATeacher Yearbook! http://t.co/8POPoc05nE

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RT @NASCAR: DVR ALERT: Don’t forget that the 2015 #NASCAR schedules will be announced tomorrow at 5 pm ET on FS1’s #RaceHub and NBCSN’s #NA…

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RT @KaseyKahneFndn: With every step you take, you can help raise more money in October’s #FiveKahne. http://t.co/a3FJWwUivY http://t.co/Y6x…

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@SethKahne5 Thank you all for your support!

@FarmersRacing Tweeted: Aug 26, 2014 08:58am

@48fan6pack That sounds good to us!

@FarmersRacing Tweeted: Aug 25, 2014 03:46pm

Check out photos of @KaseyKahne and the No. 5 crew from @BMSupdates http://t.co/bCUiha8zUt #NASCAR #Farmers5

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. @WeAreFarmers is here to help. @FarmersResponse: Monitoring the CA earthquake. File a claim @ http://t.co/raIYnqWy3D or call 800.435.7764

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Hoping all our friends @RaceSonoma and in the surrounding areas are ok after the earthquake. #ThinkingOfYou

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Have you created your @WeAreFarmers yearbook? Which #NASCAR driver do you think is the biggest bookworm? http://t.co/zsNtIkVm7Q

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Hear which yearbook awards the #Farmers5 crew would give Kasey & visit http://t.co/ppWNGuTgR7 to thank ur own teacher http://t.co/AD4i353QZU

@FarmersRacing Tweeted: Aug 24, 2014 10:53am

The checkers are out in Bristol. A tough night for @KaseyKahne and the 5 crew - they finish 35th in Bristol #NASCAR

@FarmersRacing Tweeted: Aug 23, 2014 10:42pm

20 laps remain in Bristol. #NASCAR

@FarmersRacing Tweeted: Aug 23, 2014 10:35pm