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To make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. www.UA.com

At Under Armour, our mission is simple: to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Our team works to build the world’s most innovative performance products. Everything we make is designed with the athlete in mind to ensure the very best quality and performance. When you put on an Under Armour product, it’s making you better.

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Don’t flake on your winter workouts. Join our Winter Challenge for a chance to win Gear: http://t.co/GEievBGdPK http://t.co/F69DjYFPXu

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 24, 2014 04:34pm

Santa’s got a whole new bag of innovation this year. Check out the making of the #ArmourClaus suit from @UnderArmour: http://t.co/AzSmPsaNHW

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 24, 2014 02:34pm

@rachel_golo Thanks for letting us cross the first of many finish lines with you! #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 24, 2014 10:38am

RT @UALacrosse: Leave the competition behind. #IWILL http://t.co/P7xBuXoFed

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 21, 2014 06:34pm

Rain, sleet, snow…in UA Storm, NOTHING slows #ArmourClaus down. Get it now: http://t.co/m0HkstweCS http://t.co/iv0TLtAFGa

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 21, 2014 01:26pm

@Jacks_Equipment @GoJacksFB Take em down! #GoJacks #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 20, 2014 02:00pm

@babyeliana The feeling is mutual. Welcome to #TeamUA!

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 20, 2014 01:36pm

After taking down Denver in Week 11, vote Shaun Hill for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week: http://t.co/I4R0D4X3xv #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 19, 2014 07:00pm

@chuckknorrisjr Stay warm Jay! #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 19, 2014 02:17pm

38 carries, 201 yards, 4 TDs, and straight DOMINANCE. Vote @jgray_ND25 for FedEx Ground Player of the Week:  http://t.co/J4yWD3OW81 #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 19, 2014 02:00pm

RT @UABaseball: The Starter Pack for ANY Under Armour Baseball player. #StarterPack #TeamUA http://t.co/PD1JoivQI3

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 19, 2014 01:29pm

Under Armour Football’s #StarterPack. Everything you need to #ProtectThisHouse http://t.co/X4RzFf3hy7

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 18, 2014 05:38pm

Prove you have the WILL for a chance to win $2,000 UA Gift Card. Enter the Winter Challenge : http://t.co/GEievBGdPK http://t.co/e685iYGmm7

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 18, 2014 03:23pm

@jziech Stay warm, Jacob!

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 18, 2014 11:28am

RT @heathermitts: “@CNNweather: It’s below freezing somewhere in EVERY state this am. http://t.co/spcyAGxlZl” @UnderArmour has you covered.

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 18, 2014 10:44am

What’s Santa been up to this off-season? Training. A LOT. And he’s ready for his big night: http://t.co/wELAq1V8he #ArmourClaus

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 08:23pm

@Caleb_Mezzy @JamieMones Guess you’ll have to wait and see! :)

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 11:39am

@JamieMones @Caleb_Mezzy You’ve got it! Don’t know how he went under the radar for so long. #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 11:32am

@KristenBerkos We appreciate all your hard work! #TeamUA

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 10:03am

Our roster just got bigger. Santa is officially an @UnderArmour athlete…and he’s ready to deliver. #ArmourClaus http://t.co/lG4g4MapgH

@UnderArmour Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 08:58am