CONCORD, N.C. - While many fans will see and engage with Hendrick Motorsports’ social media posts on any given day, it takes a team to produce the content that hits online platforms. One of these team members is Justin Nicely, who works as a graphic artist and content capturer with Hendrick Motorsports.

For Nicely, his introduction into the world of stock car racing is a new endeavor. In his previous experience, he worked in college football, spending time with several NCAA Division I universities focusing on graphic design and photography. Starting this new job in August, Nicely has strived to quickly make an impact with his work.

"We’re kind of bringing a new look," Nicely said. "So far, it seems like it’s been perceived very well from our fans, which is cool to see. It can be a big responsibility and sometimes be a little bit stressful to make content for as many people as we do and the big sponsors that we work with. It’s definitely a blessing to be put in charge of that in a way."

Similar to his work in college football, Nicely's projects are designed to directly engage fans and create excitement around the team. Now working in the professional sports arena, he still enjoys that fan engagement side of his work that was present in his former positions.

"It’s a big responsibility but it’s fun to see the interaction," Nicely said. "To see our fans use it as their wallpapers or in their own groups and profile pictures has been really cool. It’s kind of giving energy to our fan base through graphics."

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