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CONCORD, N.C. -- It takes a dedicated group of talented and intelligent teammates to make a NASCAR Cup Series race car the best in the business. One of the biggest aids in racing are the groups of engineers who keep the stock cars running smoothly and, most importantly, fast.

Hendrick Motorsports continues its celebration of National Engineers Week by shining the spotlight on Mitch Collins, who is an aerodynamics engineer with the organization.

Collins grew up right by Hendrick Motorsports in Charlotte, North Carolina, and knew he wanted to work in racing from a young age. He earned his motorsports engineering degree from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and interned with Hendrick Motorsports while in school. It led to a full-time opportunity with the aerodynamics team.

"The most rewarding part, personally, is seeing the part I worked on go through the CFD and the wind tunnel and then see it on the car itself," Collins said. "It's even more rewarding to see that car cross the finish line first at Phoenix and get us a championship."

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