DARLINGTON, S.C.  – William Byron’s win at Darlington Raceway in the NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday marked the 100th win in the storied history of the No. 24 Chevrolet. 

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Byron is one of two drivers that have won in the iconic car number. Hendrick Motorsports vice chairman and four-time champion Jeff Gordon won 93 races in the car during his NASCAR Hall of Fame career. Since 2018, Byron has been the driver for the No. 24 and has tallied seven wins. The No. 24 is now the fifth car number in Cup Series history to win at least 100 races. 

"There’s so much history with the No. 24, starting with Jeff," Byron said. "I’ve learned so much from him over the years, and we continue to share the passion for making the 24 car win races and compete on the track. I’m glad we can keep the legacy of the 24 going with our current team."

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No. 24: 100 wins

"Congratulations, William! I have so many special memories of driving the No. 24 to victory. Today seeing William get the 100th (win) for the 24 is exciting and makes me very proud to see the legacy continue," Gordon said about the milestone victory for the legendary car number.

Byron outlasted the competition at Darlington for his third victory of 2023. He was running third when contact between the leaders on lap 289 set up an overtime finish and gave him the lead. From there, Byron drove around the outside of Kevin Harvick to keep the lead for good and grab the milestone win for the No. 24.  

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"We were well aware on the team," Byron said of the win milestone for the No. 24. "It's kind of that hump we wanted to get over pretty quick. I think I was a little bit anxious about it. Getting those two wins early in the year and then trying to get a third is tough. In this sport, everyone is so competitive as we saw today. 

"Good to get that monumental win for the No. 24. It's been a really special number to me already.

Now at 25 years old and in his sixth season in the Cup Series, Byron has come into his own in the sport’s top series. After Sunday's win at Darlington, he was reflective about his shift to Cup in such a legendary ride. 

"I feel like I'm a different person than I was when I stepped in the car," Byron said of when he moved to the Cup ranks in 2018. "It was a lot of pressure driving the 24, no matter what way you slice it. It's a big number and has a lot of meaning and being with a team like this.

"I feel like that growth process happened, and I don't really look back and say -- I don't compare myself to then. I have different people around me that really know me. It's great what we've built, and yeah, it's different."

Gordon has been impressed with Byron’s continued growth and evolution as a driver. He credits the third-year pairing with crew chief Rudy Fugle as helping to bring out the best in the driver. 

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"I see a progression with William ever since he came to Hendrick (Motorsports)," Gordon said after the Phoenix win. "(We) got to remember how young he was coming into the Cup Series, so much to learn. Young in racing in so many ways.

"When Rudy came to Hendrick (Motorsports), the instant connection and chemistry between these two was so obvious. It just took the whole team up to another notch. Now they’re just building on that. It’s a lot of fun to watch and see."