CONCORD, N.C. - Nick O'Dell was named to the Round of 8 Mechanix Wear All-Stars. This honor identifies who was the best at their respective pit crew position through the final three-race round of the playoffs.

O'Dell has been a front-tire changer under crew chief Alan Gustafson since 2015. He was part of the No. 9 team's 2020 championship crew for driver Chase Elliott. In 2022, the No. 9 pit crew reached the Championship 4 for the third straight year.

On the season, the No. 9 pit crew has the fourth-best average four-tire pit stop time at 11.785 seconds. 

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O'Dell is the second front-tire changer to be named to the Mechanix Wear All-Stars during the playoffs. Blaine Anderson of the No. 5 team received the honor after the Round of 16.

With one race left in the playoffs, Hendrick Motorsports also has the pit crew with the best average four-tire pit stop time in the 10-race postseason. That honor belongs to the No. 24 pit crew of driver William Byron at 11.045 seconds.