CONCORD, N.C. – In the latest episode of "On the Road," presented by Valvoline, fans will experience a race weekend through the eyes of Tyler Monn. 

Monn is the spotter for the No. 5 team and has been Kyle Larson’s eyes in the sky since coming to Hendrick Motorsports prior to the 2021 season. He was part of the 2021 championship-winning team. 

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"A spotter is a huge role on a team," Monn says in the teaser clip here. "You are trying to clear somebody by inches. You can make that mistake pretty quick and it falls on you."

The full episode comes out on Thursday evening on Hendrick Motorsports’ YouTube channel and will be available to watch in this article.

Monn has been a part of all 15 of Larson’s wins to date at Hendrick Motorsports, including his two this year at Richmond Raceway and Martinsville Speedway. He has been an instrumental part of the team beyond his work on the spotters’ stand.

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"The role of the spotter has changed over the years with the behind-the-scenes contribution to the program that we build every week," No. 5 crew chief Cliff Daniels said. "Before the race, after the race, he’ll come into the transporter and meet with myself, Kyle (Larson) and our engineers. That’s some pretty high-level detail that spotters haven’t always been involved in but now they are."

This episode below follows Monn during the race weekend at Talladega Superspeedway, starting with Saturday morning qualifying at the Alabama track and right up to the end of the race for the No. 5 team. He shares why spotting this particular car is surreal for him and how this is his dream job. 

The 10-episode series offers an up-close look and follows a variety of team employees as they go about their jobs over a race weekend. The series will highlight the importance of those positions within the success of the team. 

"When people look at Hendrick Motorsports, they see drivers and teams bringing home race wins, trophies and championships," team vice chairman Jeff Gordon said in the teaser for the series that you can watch here

"Behind all that, the unsung heroes. The people back at the shop. The army of people on the road 38 weeks a year. Those people are what make us successful."

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