CONCORD, N.C. – Through a new series, fans will see some of the different personnel that makes an impact each race weekend for Hendrick Motorsports. 

The 10-episode series titled, "On the Road," presented by Valvoline, will offer an up-close look and follow a variety of team employees as they go about their jobs over a race weekend. The series will highlight the importance of those positions within the success of the team.  

"When people look at Hendrick Motorsports, they see drivers and teams bringing home race wins, trophies and championships," team vice chairman Jeff Gordon says in the teaser you can watch here. "Behind all that, the unsung heroes. The people back at the shop. The army of people on the road 38 weeks a year. Those people are what make us successful."

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The full episode dropped on Friday, March 24, at 2 p.m. ET on Hendrick Motorsports' YouTube channel as well as the team's social platforms. You can also watch the episode below. 

Episode 1: March 24-Brian Walsh, trackside network engineer

In the first installment of "On the Road," you will get to experience a race weekend through Brian Walsh's eyes. Walsh is the point person for all information technology items related to the teams at the track. He helps set up and oversee the organization’s entire at-track network and infrastructure. 

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