CONCORD, N.C. – With William Byron's win at Texas Motor Speedway, Hendrick Motorsports became the first team to reach 300 NASCAR Cup Series wins and the victories keep on coming. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2024, the Rick Hendrick-owned organization has been the standard of excellence in the sport's top series. 

Take a look at the full breakdown below of the team's wins by driver, by track, by car number and by year. Additionally, the organization's laps led by year, track and driver are included as well. 

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Wins By Driver: 20 different drivers have won for Hendrick Motorsports 
(Bold drivers are part of the team's current lineup)
Jeff Gordon: 93 wins
Jimmie Johnson: 83 wins
Chase Elliott: 19 wins
Kyle Larson: 19 wins
William Byron: 13 wins
Terry Labonte: 12 wins
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Nine wins
Tim Richmond: Nine wins
Darrell Waltrip: Nine wins
Geoff Bodine: Seven wins
Alex Bowman: Seven wins
Kasey Kahne: Six wins
Mark Martin: Five wins
Kyle Busch: Four wins
Ricky Rudd: Four wins
Ken Schrader: Four wins
Casey Mears: One win
Jerry Nadeau: One win
Joe Nemechek: One win
Brian Vickers: One win

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Wins By Track: Hendrick Motorsports has won at 31 different tracks
Martinsville Speedway: 29 wins
Dover Motor Speedway: 22 wins
Charlotte Motor Speedway: 21 wins
Pocono Raceway: 19 wins
Atlanta Motor Speedway: 17 wins
Darlington Raceway: 16 wins
Daytona International Speedway: 16 wins
Talladega Superspeedway: 14 wins
Phoenix Raceway: 13 wins
Auto Club Speedway: 12 wins
Bristol Motor Speedway: 12 wins
Richmond Raceway: 12 wins
Texas Motor Speedway: 12 wins
Watkins Glen International: 11 wins
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 10 wins
Las Vegas Motor Speedway: 10 wins
Kansas Speedway: Nine wins
New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Nine wins
Michigan International Speedway: Eight wins
Sonoma Raceway: Seven wins
Homestead-Miami Speedway: Four wins
North Wilkesboro Speedway: Four wins
Rockingham Speedway: Four wins
Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL: Three wins
Chicagoland Speedway: Three wins
Riverside International Raceway: Three wins
Circuit of The Americas: Two wins
Nashville Superspeedway: Two wins
Daytona International Speedway Road Course: One win
Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway: One win
Road America: One win

Laps Led By Track: Hendrick Motorsports has led at 35 different tracks
Martinsville Speedway: 10,852 laps led
Dover Motor Speedway: 7,624 laps led
Bristol Motor Speedway: 6,431 laps led
Charlotte Motor Speedway: 6,026 laps led
Richmond Raceway: 4,621 laps led
Darlington Raceway: 3,751 laps led
Atlanta Motor Speedway: 3,659 laps led
Phoenix Raceway: 3,530 laps led
Pocono Raceway: 3,456 laps led
Texas Motor Speedway: 3,150 laps led
Talladega Superspeedway: 3,087 laps led
Michigan International Speedway: 2,679 laps led
New Hampshire Motor Speedway: 2,651 laps led
Las Vegas Motor Speedway: 2,423 laps led
Daytona International Speedway: 2,302 laps led
Auto Club Speedway: 2,200 laps led
Kansas Speedway: 2,180 laps led
Rockingham Speedway: 1,969 laps led
Chicagoland Speedway: 1,382 laps led
North Wilkesboro Speedway: 1,297 laps led
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 1,071 laps led
Homestead-Miami Speedway: 1,033 laps led
Sonoma Raceway: 808 laps led
Watkins Glen International: 759 laps led
Nashville Superspeedway: 334 laps led
Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway: 330 laps led
Riverside International Raceway: 286 laps led
Kentucky Speedway: 224 laps led
Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL: 199 laps led
Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt: 102 laps led
Circuit of The Americas: 82 laps led
Daytona International Speedway Road Course: 78 laps led
Road America: 75 laps led
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course: 44 laps led
WWT Raceway: 35 laps led

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Wins/Laps Led By Year (*Championship year for Hendrick Motorsports)
1984: Three wins/686 laps led
1985: No wins/692 laps led
1986: Nine wins/2,679 laps led
1987: Three wins/902 laps led
1988: Four wins/1,126 laps led
1989: Eight wins/1,738 laps led
1990: One win/826 laps led
1991: Three wins/865 laps led
1992: One win/414 laps led
1993: One win/652 laps led
1994: Five wins/1,155 laps led
1995: 10 wins/3,286 laps led*
1996: 12 wins/3,332 laps led*
1997: 11 wins/2,191 laps led*
1998: 14 wins/2,086 laps led*
1999: Eight wins/1,683 laps led
2000: Four wins/816 laps led
2001: Six wins/2,500 laps led*
2002: Six wins/2,061 laps led
2003: Eight wins/2,609 laps led
2004: 13 wins/2,672 laps led
2005: 10 wins/1,834 laps led
2006: Nine wins/2,241 laps led*
2007: 18 wins/3,266 laps led*
2008: Eight wins/3,387 laps led*
2009: 13 wins/4,017 laps led*
2010: Six wins/2,567 laps led*
2011: Five wins/2,164 laps led
2012: 10 wins/2,952 laps led
2013: Nine wins/3,438 laps led*
2014: 13 wins/2,994 laps led
2015: Nine wins/1,176 laps led
2016: Five wins/1,355 laps led*
2017: Four wins/865 laps led
2018: Three wins/497 laps led
2019: Four wins/1,165 laps led
2020: Seven wins/1,934 laps led*
2021: 17 wins/4,119 laps led*
2022: 11 wins/2,375 laps led
2023: 10 wins/2,440 laps led
2024: Six wins/973 laps led

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Wins By Car Number: Seven different Cup Series car numbers have won for Rick Hendrick
(Bold numbers are the team's current car numbers)
No. 24: 106 wins (Gordon-93, Byron-13)
No. 48: 88 wins (Johnson-83, Bowman-5)
No. 5: 57 wins (Larson-19, Labonte-12, Bodine-7, Kahne-6, Martin-5, Busch-4, Rudd-4)
No. 9: 19 wins (Elliott-19)
No. 25: 17 wins (Richmond-9, Schrader-4, Nadeau-1, Nemechek-1, Vickers-1, Mears-1)
No. 88: 11 wins (Earnhardt Jr.-9, Bowman-2)
No. 17: Nine wins (Waltrip-9)

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Laps Led By Driver: 29 different drivers have led laps for Hendrick Motorsports
(Bold drivers are part of the team's current lineup)
Jeff Gordon: 24,936 laps led
Jimmie Johnson: 18,941 laps led
Chase Elliott: 5,226 laps led
Kyle Larson: 4,992 laps led

Geoff Bodine: 4,370 laps led
Terry Labonte: 3,070 laps led
William Byron: 2,808 laps led
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: 2,749 laps led
Ken Schrader: 2,062 laps led
Darrell Waltrip: 1,985 laps led
Kyle Busch: 1,570 laps led
Alex Bowman: 1,304 laps led
Kasey Kahne: 1,284 laps led
Tim Richmond: 1,166 laps led
Ricky Rudd: 1,072 laps led
Mark Martin: 1,028 laps led
Jerry Nadeau: 582 laps led
Brian Vickers: 539 laps led
Joe Nemechek: 375 laps led
Ricky Craven: 298 laps led
Casey Mears: 124 laps led
Greg Sacks: 107 laps led
Benny Parsons: 87 laps led
Wally Dallenbach Jr.: 26 laps led
Josh Berry: 13 laps led
Todd Bodine: Nine laps led 
Bobby Hamilton: Five laps led
Brad Keselowski: One lap led
Tommy Kendall: One lap led

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Wins By Crew Chief: 27 different crew chiefs have won in the Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports
(bold names are part of team's current crew chief lineup)
Chad Knaus: 82 wins
Ray Evernham: 47 wins
Alan Gustafson: 39 wins
Robbie Loomis: 23 wins
Cliff Daniels: 18 wins
Steve Letarte: 15 wins
Rudy Fugle: 12 wins
Harry Hyde: 11 wins
Gary DeHart: 10 wins
Greg Ives: 10 wins
Jeff Hammond: Nine wins
Kenny Francis: Five wins
Waddell Wilson: Four wins
Richard Broome: Three wins
Darian Grubb: Three wins
Dennis Connor: Two wins
Andy Graves: Two wins
Gary Nelson: Two wins
Brian Whitesell: Two wins
Eddie Dickerson: One win
Tony Eury Jr.: One win
Tony Furr; One win
Jim Long: One win
Lance McGrew: One win
Kevin Meendering: One win
Keith Rodden: One win
Peter Sospenzo: One win

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POLES BY DRIVER (250 poles by 20 drivers)
Note: Current drivers in bold
Jeff Gordon: 81
Jimmie Johnson: 36
Geoff Bodine: 22
Ken Schrader: 17
William Byron: 13
Chase Elliott: 12
Kyle Larson: 11
Mark Martin: 10
Tim Richmond: 9
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: 8
Terry Labonte: 7
Kasey Kahne: 5
Alex Bowman: 4
Ricky Rudd: 4
Brian Vickers: 4
Kyle Busch: 2
Darrell Waltrip: 2
Ricky Craven: 1
Casey Mears: 1
Greg Sacks: 1

Hendrick Motorsports' poles by drivers

POLES BY TRACK (250 poles at 31 different tracks)
Daytona International Speedway: 23
Martinsville Speedway: 20
Charlotte Motor Speedway: 19
Richmond Raceway: 19
Phoenix Raceway: 15
Pocono Raceway: 14
Talladega Superspeedway: 13
Bristol Motor Speedway: 12
Michigan International Speedway: 11
Dover Motor Speedway: 10
Sonoma Raceway: 10
Darlington Raceway: 8
Texas Motor Speedway: 8
Watkins Glen International: 8
New Hampshire Motor Speedway: 7
Kansas Speedway: 6
Rockingham Speedway: 6
Atlanta Motor Speedway: 5
Auto Club Speedway: 5
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 5
North Wilkesboro Speedway: 5
Chicagoland Speedway: 4
Homestead-Miami Speedway: 4
Circuit of The Americas: 2
Kentucky Speedway: 2
Las Vegas Motor Speedway: 2
Riverside International Raceway: 2
Road America: 2
Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt: 1
Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL: 1
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course: 1

Driver Championships: Hendrick Motorsports has won 14 driver championships
(bold drivers are part of the team's current lineup)
Jimmie Johnson-seven titles: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2016
Jeff Gordon-four titles: 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2001
Chase Elliott-one title: 2020
Terry Labonte-one title: 1996
Kyle Larson-one title: 2021

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