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CONCORD, N.C. -- It takes a dedicated group of talented and intelligent teammates to make a NASCAR Cup Series race car the best in the business. One of the biggest aids in racing are the groups of engineers who keep the stock cars running smoothly and, most importantly, fast.

Hendrick Motorsports continues its celebration of National Engineers Week by shining the spotlight on Tyler Hill, who is a design engineer with the organization.

Hailing from Story City, Iowa, Hill went to school at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte before making the leap to working in NASCAR. Hill has been part of the Hendrick Motorsports family for four years and has spent 14 years in the industry.

"The most rewarding part, I think, is just the entire design process," Hill said of his profession. "Seeing the part go from a concept to a CAD (computer aided design) model to being installed on the car, you get to see some of the designs actually go on the race car."

Stay tuned this week as Hendrick Motorsports introduces more engineers who play critical roles across the organization.

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