CONCORD, N.C. -- Alex Bowman captured his fourth win in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season victory in Sunday’s race at Martinsville Speedway after a wild overtime finish. The 28-year-old took the lead in the final laps to earn his first grandfather clock and add on to his best Cup season to date.

Even though Bowman isn’t competing for a championship anymore, winning a playoff race so late in the season bolstered his confidence in the No. 48 team and proved that they have what it takes to be playoff contenders. The win also will carry over to the 2022 season and give the No. 48 team momentum to start the new year on a high note.

“It’s awesome to win here after how rough it was on me to start my Cup career,” Bowman said. “The first couple of years here with this team was tough when it came to Martinsville, Richmond – places like that. To get a win here is awesome. There is a lot of history here, good and bad, for the team. It is a special place, so I am glad to be able to bring home another grandfather clock.”

No. 48 crew chief Greg Ives plans to use the team’s win at Martinsville as fuel for the season finale at Phoenix Raceway. While Bowman placed 13th in last year’s championship race, the Tucson, Arizona, native’s win at Richmond Raceway will serve as a blueprint for Phoenix since the two tracks are similar.

“The question I have for myself and my team is how do we get more consistent so we are winning stages and getting those playoff points that we need to be in the final four,” Ives said. “We are capable of winning; we have the driver, we have the team, we have the ability to get it done. We just have to continue to build off of days like this and go into the next week knowing we can win.” 

With Bowman and Ives capping off career-best season together, the duo will use their experiences from this year to prepare for an even stronger 2022 season.

“It means a lot. We have had a rough playoff run and we didn’t have the consistency that we wanted, but to get these four wins is awesome,” Bowman said. “I’m glad to be winding down the season on a positive note.”