CONCORD, N.C. – At the beginning of August, the pit department at Hendrick Motorsports completed a three-day minicamp with a select group of prospects, aiming to build its pipeline of talent on pit road. 

During the second phase of the combine, potential future pit crew members engaged in film analysis and familiarized themselves with equipment before executing full pit stops in real time on the final day. Current pit crew members participating during the session, providing guidance and mentorship to prospects. A "draft" took place, organizing prospects into groups for competitive simulations, mirroring the same atmosphere that they would see on the track and in practice sessions on the pit pad. 

"When I first came in, we had a combine and a minicamp," said John Gianninoto, who is the fueler for the No. 9 team of driver Chase Elliott. "I always joke around with the new recruits with their body type and body size that if I was trying out again, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I understand what they’re going through as far as nerves and the anxiety of the whole opportunity. When you get on campus and see actually how big motorsports are, it’s eye-opening."

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With pit crews playing a significant role in NASCAR competition, it’s vital to have the best athletes – both physically and mentally – that you can find on the pit crew roster. Prospects vary from different sport backgrounds, ranging from football to wrestling, typically played at the collegiate level. 

"We talk about the coach’s eye," head pit coach Jon Carvin said. "We get to sit behind the people doing the job and watch them. Watch their peers do the same movements and the same tasks. It’s a different viewpoint, so we have the ability to watch, observe and compare. We’ll take that eye that we develop here with our own pit crew guys doing it at a high level and we’ll look for those same types of characteristics in the people that are trying out in the combine. The combine is about athletic ability, so we’ll do basic movements and tests to see exactly what they’re athletic potential is."

In the fourth episode of "Refueled presented by AdvoCare," viewers were given a peek inside the June pit crew combine. The full episode can be watched here and be found on Hendrick Motorsports’ digital platforms. Following the first part of the combine, coaches determine which prospects will be invited back to campus for the second part. 

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The organization’s pit department is dedicated to identifying talent that aligns with its values and team culture. Once the coaches have made their picks, they will offer a five-year contract to the prospects. This ensures that the new additions to the pit roster will have the time to learn the fundamentals necessary to reach the NASCAR Cup Series level.