CONCORD, N.C. – If you think it’s hot outside, just imagine what it’s like wearing a firesuit inside of a race car for hundreds of miles every weekend.

Fortunately, there are cooling systems for the drivers, though they’re not exactly like the ones we’re used to in our everyday vehicles.

No. 9 NAPA AUTO PARTS team interior mechanic Scott Honan explained how the system helps keep Chase Elliott cool on race days, especially during the summer months.

“Chase doesn’t run your typical A/C like you would have in your car,” Honan explained. “We run two fans and a carbon monoxide filter that filters the air to his helmet. The air is taken from the outside of the race car through a duct, filtered in through a house then through the carbon monoxide filter into a small fan. It’s then pushed into the top of his helmet, and that’s what keeps his head cool.”

Honan showcased the cooling system in a video posted to the @TeamHendrick Twitter account.

“There’s another fan in the car that’s similar that does the same thing,” he continued. “It pushes air through a hose into his chest and keeps his chest and his core cool during the race.”

That’s a look into how race car drivers are kept cool, but with summer in full swing, NAPA AUTO PARTS can help everyday drivers stay cool in their rides by improving their air conditioning’s cooling capabilities.

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