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CONCORD, N.C. -- Hendrick Motorsports Gaming Club took on virtual Talladega for the eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series Thursday night.

Nick Jobes was first up on PlayStation 4 and placed 13th. Teammate Sam Morris followed up and finished 13th on the Xbox One.

Jobes started in fourth and within the first lap he moved up to third. By lap three he was back down to fourth.

Four laps in, Jobes slipped down to seventh. Another lap later, he was in eighth.

He opted to pit 13 laps into the 40-lap event and was 13th when he returned to the track.

With 23 laps left he shifted up to 11th and one lap later he jumped into the top 10 in ninth.

Jobes decided to pit with 14 laps to go as a change in strategy. Coming off pit road he was in 13th, which is the position he maintained for the rest of the race.

Morris started in fourth and fell to eighth within the first lap. He brought out the first caution after he hit the wall in the first lap.

Two laps later, Morris was in ninth and by the fifth lap he was in eighth. By lap eight he was in sixth.

Morris was involved in the second yellow flag of the race, which pushed him back to eighth.

With 25 laps left, Morris jumped up to third place - his best running position of the event.

Nineteen laps in Morris was in seventh, then fell to 11th by the halfway point. Five laps later he was in eighth and was back in sixth with 12 laps to go.

Morris pitted on lap 29 and came off pit road in ninth place. He had an accident six laps to go and was a lap down in 10th place when the race resumed.

Morris soon fell to 13th, which is how he finished the race.