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CONCORD, N.C. -- Hendrick Motorsports Gaming Club wrapped up the season with a three-race finale Wednesday night, which saw early success for Sam Morris.

The drivers raced at three different tracks as part of the season finale, starting at Michigan International Speedway, then Phoenix Raceway and finally heading to Bristol Motor Speedway.

See below how the Hendrick Motorsports GC drivers finished at each of the tracks in the eNASCAR Heat Pro League finale.

Michigan International Speedway

Nick Jobes started the first race in 12th but quickly dropped 19th with 28 to go. He pitted with 22 laps left in the first race and rejoined the pack in 19th.

Jobes made quick work of the drivers ahead of him and moved into 16th with 16 laps to go. He headed to pit road shortly after with 10 to go to make his final adjustments as he eyed making a run to the top.

Jobes reshuffled into 22nd. A caution fell with nine to go and Jobes fell to 27th with four laps to go. He rocketed his way to 24th and finished the race there.

Morris started the race in Michigan in 25th and sat in the back of the pack until the first cycle of pit stops from the leaders with 25 to go. Morris moved up to third but headed to pit road on the following lap.

Reshuffling to 26th with 21 to go, Morris made a charge through the field and ran in 21st with 13 laps left. The leaders pitted again and Morris moved to fifth but a caution with nine to go allows him to pit without penalty.

Moving into 27th with 4 to go, an on-track incident that caught the majority of the field yielded a ninth-place finish for Morris at Michigan.

Phoenix Raceway

Jobes started in 25th and made a move into 21st with 45 to go. A caution with 38 to go allowed Jobes to settle into 14th.

He moved into 13th with 28 laps to go but another caution five laps later saw Jobes reset in 15th. Another caution fell the very next lap and Jobes reshuffled to 21st with 15 laps to go.

Jobes ran the next few green-flag laps hard and pushed up to 18th. Another caution came out and Jobes reset in 19th with six laps left.

The final caution came out with six laps left and Jobes restarted in 20th with two to go. He finished in 23rd.

Morris started the second race in 21st but dropped to 25th with 41 laps to go. The first caution came out with 38 left in the race and Morris restarted in 25th.

Another caution came out with 19 to go and Morris restarted the race in 27th with 15 laps left in the race. The final caution came out with six to go and Morris sat in 20th. He finished the race in Phoenix in 21st.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Jobes started the final race in 24th but an early caution fell and caused him to reset in 22nd. Another caution with 71 laps to go resulted in Jobes starting under green in 20th. Quickly after the green flag dropped, Jobes dropped down to 26th with 56 to go. Another caution with 53 laps left and he restarted in 27th.

Facing another caution with 45 laps to go, Jobes reset under green in 28th. He ran hard and pushed his way up to 25th with 30 to go. The final caution came out with 27 to go and Jobes restarted in 28th.

He picked off a few drivers in the final laps, finishing the final race in 25th.

Morris started the finale in 26th. A caution with 71 to go saw Morris start again in 28th with 67 to go.

Another caution kept Morris from developing his stride, resuming the race in 28th with 48 laps left. Morris soon caught a wave of momentum and drive his way up to 21st with 29 to go. The final caution came out with 27 to go and Morris was bumped back to 27th.

Morris pitted with five to go and finished the finale in 28th.