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New Videos!  Space-Age Technology at HMS

New Videos! Space-Age Technology at HMS

Racing technology enthusiast will enjoy this month's videos. Engineer Tad Merriman and assistant Sean Chatham take us into one of the most top secret areas of Hendrick Motorsports to tour the team's rapid-prototyping process for engine and chassis parts. Utilizing light sensitive resins and laser technology, Hendrick engineers can constantly innovate and redesign parts for more speed on the track by 'growing' plastic part prototypes, truly some of the most sophisticated technology in modern motor sports. Once the engineers are satisfied with their prototypes, they send their computer coded-designs to the computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining center where they can be cut into actual metal parts to be used on the race cars. In our second video, machinist Jamie Kiker explains the CNC process from start to finish. To download the Windows Media Player (required for viewing), click here. Click here to go to the new videos.