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CONCORD, N.C. -- Is there anything you've always wanted to know about Hendrick Motorsports or NASCAR but never knew who to ask?

Wonder no longer.

This season, has introduced a new video series called, "Why Do You Do That?"

We're constantly compiling fan questions sent our way all across social media using the hashtag #WhyDoYouDoThat and taking them straight to the experts with the answers.

A new video debuts each Thursday, and in case you've missed what's been answered so far, here's a look.

We've had Jimmie Johnson explain the trackbar:

William Byron has discussed the logic behind taking the high line around a track:

No. 9 team interior mechanic Jordan Allen showcased the variety of visors drivers can wear:

No. 48 team tire specialist Kyle Collins walked through the benefits of scuffing tires:

No. 88 team tire changer Rowdy Harrell demonstrated what a wedge adjustment does:

And No. 88 team spotter Kevin Hamlin detailed the use of multiple radios throughout a race:

Be on the lookout for a brand-new edition of "Why Do You Do That?" every Thursday, and be sure to submit your questions using the hashtag #WhyDoYouDoThat. It could get answered in a future video!