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MAC Tools

Mac Tools is a rarity in today’s world of big business. Our company is committed to a shared set of values that drives our organization, defines our culture and empowers every member of our team. Our values are the Mac Tools way of life and our way of doing business.

Mac Tools Values

  • Each of us is 100% responsible
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We honor each other’s contributions
  • We are aligned and operate as one team
  • We operate with unquestionable integrity
  • We foster an environment of continuous learning

These values empower every Mac Tools Distributor to build lifetime relationships with their customers. Our values remind everyone in the Mac Tools organization that we are connected, all the while, providing solutions that move the business forward. Simply stated, we believe in Customers for Life.

Are you looking to start a journey worth your lifetime? Contact a Mac Tools Recruiting Specialist at 877.MAC.TOOLS.

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#MacTools #Greattoworkwith #tbt #throwback http://t.co/U6xkdLotek

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 17, 2014 04:27pm

RT @JacobBosch: Loving the new gear from Mac Tools! Soo much power and so well built! #MacTools #Mechanic #Impact… http://t.co/lkODWclUZl

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 17, 2014 04:06pm

Set your background to #MacTools #9 Ford Fusion in action thanks to @StanleyRacing Download http://t.co/cB2yMry6JZ http://t.co/g6qGHFOdXF

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 17, 2014 09:47am

RT @Import_Car: Mac Tools’ 3/4” Impact Wrench Emphasizes Power And Ergonomics http://t.co/uvdOwqqAPa @Mac_Tools

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 15, 2014 06:46pm

RT @UnderHoodServ: Mac Tools’ 3/4” Impact Wrench Emphasizes Power And Ergonomics http://t.co/7FwyZ8Gq90 @Mac_Tools

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 15, 2014 06:46pm

RT @bfemagazine: Mac Tools’ 3/4” Impact Wrench Emphasizes Power And Ergonomics http://t.co/PTxSkT2h0L @Mac_Tools

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 15, 2014 11:43am

What projects are your #MacTools helping to complete? How are we making you #greattoworkwith? http://t.co/1nfZb7MbCe

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 15, 2014 09:52am

Final week for Flyer 4, 2014. Ask your #MacTools Distributor about this great hex driver deal. Order… http://t.co/Zimec8qYgh

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 14, 2014 02:32pm

“@Heimerdude: @Mac_Tools @TeamKalitta have awesome social media folks! @gooberwiper & I appreciate you keeping us up to speed!  Thanks!

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 14, 2014 10:42am

Congrats @KevinHarvick & @StewartHaasRcng Winners Southern 500 in Darlington.
#Mactools #greattoworkwith #NASCAR http://t.co/sxBGjNzJDD

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 14, 2014 10:36am

“@NHRA: Robert Hight becomes first two-time Funny Car winner of Four-Wides, running 4.07 to win. @JFR_Racing finishes 2nd. #NHRA” #mactools

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 04:37pm

“@TeamKalitta: Well, 3rd and 4th for the dragsters. #NHRA #KalittaStrong” #mactools #greattoworkwith

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 04:35pm

“@TeamKalitta: Alexis comes in 3rd. 4.098. #bummer #KalittaStrong” #mactools #greattoworkwith

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 04:34pm

RT @ADR_Nitro771: .@TeamKalitta has the most cars of any team in the #4Wide nitro Finals! #TeamKToTheTop @AlexisDejoria @Air_Doug @J_R_Todd…

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 03:10pm

RT @TeamKalitta: Doug’s “win” in round 2 was due to a holeshot…identical ETs for the @Mac_Tools dragster and the Army dragster - 3.847. #…

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 03:10pm

RT @TeamKalitta: Good news, all 4 Team K cars qualified. Bad news…both dragsters in the same quad in E1 and both Funny Cars in the same q…

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 01:35pm

RT @NHRA: TF Semis: Langdon-Massey-Brown-Force in one group and Todd-Kalitta-alBalooshi-Schumacher in the other quad #NHRA

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 01:35pm

RT @ADR_Nitro771: The guys are working hard and getting this Patrón XO Cafe hot rod ready for Round 2! #4Wide #NHRA http://t.co/DwWlZe2ThJ

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 01:34pm

Spoiler Alert we will retweet results of #MacTools sponsored teams as they come through our twitter feed #greattoworkwith

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 01:33pm

“@zMAXDragway: Top Fuel dragsters are in the staging lanes. Round 2 up next! #NHRA #4Wide” Go #MacTools teams lets go get that Wally

@mac_tools Tweeted: Apr 13, 2014 01:31pm