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LAS VEGAS -- Ricoh USA Inc. today announced its partnership with 12-time NASCAR Cup Series champions Hendrick Motorsports to work to empower the team’s digital workplaces on the track and in the office.

Hendrick Motorsports’ competition personnel and management will work closely with Ricoh’s experts to drive greater efficiencies, improve process transparency and enhance effective collaboration. As part of a partnership that named Ricoh as Hendrick Motorsports’ Official Workplace Technology Partner, the organization has already implemented several of the collaboration technologies.

“Hendrick Motorsports’ approach to technology is deeply rooted in the pursuit of winning races and championships. We can’t do our job without partners like Ricoh,” said Chris Newsome, director of infrastructure, IT and facilities, Hendrick Motorsports. “NASCAR has become an increasingly data-driven sport, to the point that the team that can collect, analyze and deploy the data the quickest has a competitive advantage. Ricoh solutions can share information quickly, seamlessly and in an intuitive fashion, so even when we’re moving fast, we won’t get tripped up.

“Our ultra-competitive environment requires us to always look for ways to improve and stay ahead of our competition. That drive for constant innovation is something we recognize in Ricoh, too. This is just the beginning; we see many opportunities to take advantage of the wide array of technologies Ricoh has to offer.”

In addition to leveraging Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays, projectors and unified communication systems to enhance collaboration in meetings, Hendrick Motorsports has embraced streamlined, interconnected processes for print. RICOH Device Manager NX Lite works with other solutions to provide transparency and management capabilities for Hendrick Motorsports’ device fleet, helping to drive more efficient use of resources. Additionally, Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment brings new opportunities for productivity while maintaining high levels of security.

“If there’s one thing Hendrick Motorsports understands perfectly, it’s the importance of seamless collaboration,” said Glenn Laverty, senior vice president of marketing, Ricoh Americas, and president and CEO of Ricoh Canada Inc. “From pit crews to design teams and pistons to brakes, the team’s success relies on many moving parts, acting together, doing their best work, at high speeds. They are a technology company on wheels. We are proud to play a role in facilitating the kind of collaboration that has led Hendrick Motorsports to such incredible successes.”