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Smith and Karas Win Engine ‘Showdown’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Nov. 12, 2003) – The second annual “Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown” was held on Nov. 10 and 11 at the Hendrick Motorsports Museum.

The competition featured 12 top engine builders and mechanics from Hendrick Automotive Group dealerships nationwide that were paired with members of the Hendrick Motorsports engine department.

In order to be eligible for the competition, entrants from the dealerships had to be a certified Hendrick Master Technician who scored in the top four of their respective division—Honda, High Line or Domestic—on an Automotive Service Excellence test given nationwide on Sept. 16.

The 12 two-member teams competed to build a complete engine in the least amount of time. The engine then had to run for at least 60 seconds in order for the team’s build to count. The two pairs with the fastest performance then competed in the final championship round on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Hendrick Motorsports drivers Jeff Gordon, Terry Labonte and Kyle Busch made appearances on Monday to sign autographs and wish the competitors good luck.

Tom Karas, a Hendrick Motorsports engine assembler, and David Smith, of East Bay BMW in Pleasanton, Calif., won the championship with a final time of 26:56. The winning team received a first-place trophy for their efforts and, in addition, Karas won an all-expense-paid four-day/three-night trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn., and Smith was given an all-expense-paid trip to the May 2004 “Raceweek” festivities at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

All competitors from the Hendrick Automotive Group received a hat, plaque and leather jacket for their participation while members of the Hendrick Motorsports engine department received gift certificates to Lowe’s and Harris Grille in Charlotte.


Joe Concato, Dyno Tech, Hendrick Engines
Jeff Krogman, Superior Toyota (Merriam, Kan.)

Mike Maiwald, Engine Assembler, Hendrick Engines
Vince Bonfiglio, Hendrick BMW (Charlotte, N.C.)

Andrew Ossowski, Engine Assembler, Hendrick Engines
Jonathan Wock, Hendrick Chevrolet/Hummer (Cary, N.C.)

Lyle Macik, Dyno Tech, Hendrick Engines
Thomas Makenzie, Hendrick Dodge (Cary, N.C.)

Jimmy Burton, Dyno Tech, Hendrick Engines
Brain Murrow, Superior Toyota (Merriam, Kan.)

Earl Wheeler, Engine Assembler, Hendrick Engines
Ted Tsude, Lexus of Pleasanton (Pleasanton, Calif.)

Brian Beacham, Dyno Tech, Hendrick Engines
Jerry Hilson, Hendrick Lexus (Charlotte, N.C.)

Danny Emerick, No. 48 Engine Tuner, Hendrick Engines
Andy Petrowski, Hendrick Honda (Charleston, S.C.)

Pat Weaver, Dyno Tech, Hendrick Engines
Jonathan Young, Gwinnett Place Honda (Gwinnett, Ga.)

Tom Karas, Engine Assembler, Hendrick Engines
David Smith, East Bay BMW (Pleasanton, Calif.)

Mark Wilkinson, No. 25 Engine Tuner, Hendrick Engines
Earnest Mayo II, City Chevrolet (Charlotte, N.C.)

Greg Gore, No. 5 Busch Engine Builder, Hendrick Engines
Jeffery Heinz, Hendrick Chevrolet/Hummer (Cary, N.C.)


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