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The GMAC Personal Pit Crew Helps Drivers

Holiday shopping and travel can prove to be a hectic time of year. As one of the largest auto insurers in the country, GMAC Insurance knows first hand what can go wrong on the road. On December 17,  the GMAC Insurance Personal Pit Crew provided information and supplies that kept people moving and allowed them to feel safe and prepared as they hit the road for the holiday season.

The GMAC Insurance Personal Pit Crew team, which includes our agents, employees, dealerships and partners, were stationed at a central “pit stop” in front of the Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, with a local radio station broadcasting live. Additional “pit stops” were located throughout the Triad area, including Vann York Buick/Pontiac/GMC in High Point and Terry Labonte Chevrolet in Greensboro.

“During the holidays, travelers’ minds are consumed with what to get, where to buy and ‘how fast can I get there?’ As an insurance company that has served this area for 66 years, we understand that this added stress can sometimes lead to mishaps on the road,” said Rick Pierce, director, GMAC Insurance Personal Pit Crew Program. “We are keeping the community prepared and safe by providing safety kits and checklists that help drivers be ready for the most common mishaps.”

The following checklist features key insights and tips for drivers as they hit the road:

Road Rule #1: Create a Safety Kit. Winter driving is the most difficult driving season due to ice, snow, low temperatures and fewer daylight hours. Be prepared by having safety essentials in your car including extra windshield wiper fluid, warm gloves and hat, flashlight, remote jumpstarter, tire gauge, safety flares, and blanket in case of a breakdown or accident. Of course it’s always better to avoid accidents, so remember to take it slow.

Road Rule #2: Take a Break. Many accidents can be avoided just by taking a few minutes to check your vehicle before heading out on the road. 
• Use a small tire gauge to check your tire pressure, as cold weather will lower the pressure.
• Make sure taillights, headlights, blinkers and horn are in good working order.

Road Rule #3: Stay Alert at Night. With the shopping season in high gear, heavy traffic at night is more common. A few things to remember when driving at night:
• Avoid using any light inside your vehicle.
• Use edge lines and center lines of the roadway as guides.
• If street lights cause glare, dim your dashboard lights and use your sun visor.

Road Rule #4: Eyes On The Road. Winter weather can serve up some severe road glare. Be prepared by having a pair of sunglasses handy. Avoid foggy blotches on your windows by cleaning the inside of your windshield regularly. Consider using winter wiper blades, which are designed to handle heavier road debris and snow.

Road Rule #5: Buckle Up Your Bundles. Loose gifts can become a distraction for drivers. Avoid “projectile presents” by driving at reduced speeds and placing fragile gifts on the floor of your vehicle.

About the GMAC Insurance Personal Pit Crew Program
GMAC Insurance Personal Lines is a company built from the ground up to act as a personal pit crew for its customers.  Each member – from agents to GM dealers, to sales to customer service to claims—works together as a well-oiled machine, with one clear and driving purpose: to keep people’s lives moving. The GMAC Insurance Personal Pit Crew program is an ongoing effort to keep customers prepared, safe and on the move. Efforts range from hosting educational programs to providing the essential items to keep people on the go.

GMAC Insurance launched the program first at Halloween by handing out reflective bags, which included GMAC Insurance safety tips to help keep families safe while trick-or-treating. Now during the holiday season, the company is setting up “pit stops” and delivering free safety kits and checklists across the Triad to educate people about safe holiday travel. Their goal is to continue to partner with local safety officials throughout the Triad and offer programs that keep people moving, safe and prepared. 

Find GMAC Insurance at www.personalpitcrew.com.

The GMAC Insurance Group is one of the largest automobile insurers in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). As the largest writer of automobile insurance written through independent agents in North Carolina, GMAC Insurance Personal Lines offers a variety of property and casualty insurance products, including personal auto, motorcycle and commercial auto insurance.  With a nationwide network of claims professionals, local independent agents and a 24-hour, toll-free claims hotline available 365 days a year, the GMAC Insurance Group provides superior claims service for its customers.


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