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Jimmie Johnson's Chase Diary: Kansas

By Jimmie Johnson

Racing is funny.

What’s a great day for one driver may be a disaster for another. What might be a good day in June for that driver might seem like a bummer in September.

That’s kind of how Dover was for us last weekend. You ask how we did at Dover?  Well, it’s all how you want to look at it.

We finished 13th, and ran really well throughout the day and would have finished better if we hadn’t got caught out on a yellow flag. But I’d have to say when it was over we were all disappointed.

I guess it boils down to expectations. Although 13th is a good run –- better than what happened to us in New Hampshire and better than what happened to a few guys at Dover –- we had pretty high expectations and thought we would walk away with the trophy.

Instead of making up a lot of points we kind of held our ground. It would have been a good day to capitalize on some things.  We didn’t lose a lot. But we missed a chance to gain some points. But we aren’t done by a long shot.

We have eight races remaining and we go to Kansas this weekend. In our four races there we have only qualified outside the top four once and finished outside the top ten just once. We know Hedrick Motorsports will give us a good engine and I know Chad Knaus is excited about the car we are bringing there.

Our goal this weekend is to win practice, win the pole, and win the race. Not necessarily in that order. I’ve never won at Kansas and I couldn’t think of a better weekend to win there than this weekend. Like I told you last week, don’t count us out. I think this Lowe’s team can make up a lot of points in a quick period of time.

Our plan is to show that starting at Kansas.