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CONCORD, N.C. -- Jimmie Johnson took a break from the racetrack to stop by The Kelly Clarkson Show, where he discussed his "emotional" tribute from his hometown track, being a girl dad and how he's a control freak in the car.

The seven-time Cup Series champion stopped by while he and the rest of the Hendrick Motorsports teams were in California for the race at Auto Club Speedway.

“Not only (is it) my home track, but the place of my first win," Johnson said of driving in the Fontana, California, race for possibly the last time. "My family was up in the flag stand waiving the green flag, they had me out in the front of the field leading everybody around for the five-wide salute, so it was highly emotional.”

He divulged in his decision to step back from full-time racing after 2020, citing that he wanted to be there more for his family.

"(With) two young children and a wonderful wife, life (and) all that stuff, I just want to balance it out some," Johnson said.

“I had a moment last fall where something shifted in my head. It’s never been about statistics for me and staying the course would be me trying to chase an eighth championship more and more. That’s not what I’m about and what I want to be about. It’s more about the journey and the racing and the fun, so once that shift happened in my mind, I’ve been able to let go and I’m really excited to see what (2021) brings."

Along with Johnson was musician and actor Leslie Odom Jr. The two shared their girl dad tips and what girly things they have accomplished.

"I’m involved in all levels of what goes on, but I’m under a lot of pressure to have my toenails and fingernails painted. A lot of pressure," Johnson said. “I found out that I’m not bad at braiding hair recently."

Johnson's daughters, 9-year-old Genevieve and 6-year-old Lydia, might take after their dad when it comes to loving an adrenaline rush, as well. They race go-karts and partake in extreme sports when the family is on vacation.

“They like to dabble, for sure," Johnson said. "We’re in Colorado a lot in the summer (and) we’re obviously there in the winter, so skiing, hiking, mountain biking, motocross riding. We have a lot of fun.”

Perhaps Johnson's most shocking admission on the show was not his hair-braiding abilities, but the reason that he refuses to let other people drive him.

“No chance," Johnson said. "(My wife) is the most cautious driver ever, which drives me crazy. No chance I’ll let her drive. (I’m a) control freak, I’ll admit it. 

"But the other thing that you’re going to find funny is I get motion sickness really easily. If I’m diving the vehicle, I’m fine. Now, if you put me in a cab or something in New York, it’s awful.”

Johnson and the No. 48 team's next stop will be at Phoenix Raceway this Sunday. The race will be at 3:30 p.m. ET and will air on FOX and MRN Radio.