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“I think the track is really similar at Phoenix both early in the year and late in the year. I don’t think it changes a whole lot, which is unusual because most of our other racetracks do. One thing that’s great about racing in Phoenix is the fans. Every time we go there they have the place filled up with people – it’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s entertaining. I like that side of it. I go jogging and running around different areas out there. It’s just a great part of the country. It’s fun to be out there racing.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Phoenix International Raceway

“I just remember thinking: ‘Yes, yes yes! I knew we could do it.’ Then when I saw all of the guys jumping over the wall – that’s what it’s all about.”

Kahne on what he remembers from winning at Phoenix in 2011

“We tested at Phoenix and I thought it went well. Martin Truex Jr. was extremely fast at the test. (Kevin) Harvick wasn’t there, but I think we all expect him to be fast this weekend. I’m glad we’re not in a ‘must-win’ situation. We’re going to battle hard, though, and hopefully carry some momentum into Miami.”

Jeff Gordon on expectations for Phoenix

“Phoenix is going to be an exciting race that is for sure. You have cars that have to win to make it to the championship round, guys who just want to go out and win a race this year, I can just see a killer race playing out.”

Jimmie Johnson on racing at Phoenix

“The shape of the track is unlike anything else. You go to a lot of tracks and you feel like you see some of the same things at a lot of different racetracks, especially the mile-and-a-half tracks – they’re all kind of very similar. But nothing's like Phoenix. Nothing has the dogleg on the back straightaway and the banking and all that stuff with variable banking. The turns are all so different from each other, so it's a fun challenge for the crew chiefs and the teams to try to set a car up to get around all those different corners and different styles of banking. And the track was recently paved, so it's a real challenge to pass, which can be fun, but as the track's aged over the last couple years it's gotten more enjoyable and more fun to sort of set up how you drive the corners, but it's a challenge. You can’t wear the tires out or abuse them or you’ll lose one like we did in the spring when our car was super loose. You have to get your car handling better.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Phoenix