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CONCORD, N.C. – This weekend, William Byron will return to a familiar paint scheme – but with an updated look.

Liberty University is back on the No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 as the primary sponsor for its second race after debuting on the car at Atlanta Motor Speedway in February.

But this time, the paint scheme has been slightly altered, with the number color changing from red to white. The white numbers will feature a red drop shadow, which is the reverse of the way the No. 24 originally appeared on the Liberty scheme.

Why the change?

“We just noticed at the racetrack it was really tough to pick out the number,” No. 24 team crew chief Darian Grubb explained. “That color – the dark blue and the dark red with the asphalt and everything else – it’s just really tough to pick out that car in transition on the racetrack when you’re three- and four-wide.”

Grubb noted that No. 24 team spotter Tab Boyd first pointed out the potential issue, and after weighing the options, the team determined that flipping the numbers from red to white would fix it.

The crew chief was grateful to Liberty University for being so open to the change.

“We got with Liberty and they were gracious enough to let us swap that color,” he said. “And it does, it pops a lot better on the racetrack now, so we’re hoping to make it perform up front.”

Be on the lookout for the updated ride on the track this weekend at Martinsville Speedway.