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CONCORD, N.C. – After six consecutive weeks of races to start the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series season, the Hendrick Motorsports teammates are ready for their first off weekend of the season.

The drivers plan to spend the Easter weekend with family and friends, and to relax and reflect on the season thus far.

“Going to go and take a trip with some friends next weekend, so I’m looking forward to that,” Chase Elliott said. “It’s always nice to be able to go and get away a little bit. So I’m going to enjoy it.”

Rookie William Byron plans to use the time off to soak in everything he’s learned from his first career Cup Series races. He hopes to come back with even more knowledge and ready to continue improving on the track.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the off weekend,” Byron said. “I say that because I think that even though you might not be worn out, there’s so much information that I’ve learned in the last five or six weeks that I really haven’t had a chance to process completely. I try to do the best job I can of just getting rest and just trying to make sure that I’m mentally ready. So, when I get a chance to get away from it for a week and then come back, hopefully we’re even better than before and we pick up where we left off but also bring a fresh perspective.”

Jimmie Johnson plans to spend his Easter weekend with family. He’s ready for a break, but the seven-time Cup Series champion already has his mind on the next race. 

 “We’re definitely going to take some time and hopefully head out on a trip, but be back for Easter,” Johnson said. “We want to have Easter in Charlotte and be home and enjoy a slow week leading into Texas and another long stretch of racing.”

Alex Bowman, like Johnson, is looking forward to a slow week, but he can’t keep the next Cup Series race completely out of his head, either.

“(I’m) just going to hang out at home, not any big plans or anything,” Bowman said. “But hope you guys have a good Easter, and I’ll see you guys in Texas.”