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CONCORD, N.C. – It takes a lot to prepare week in and week out for a grueling NASCAR Cup Series season.

That goes for everyone involved, from the drivers to the pit crew athletes.

When it comes to the latter, Hendrick Motorsports has a dedicated strength and conditioning staff to make sure the athletes are at peak performance all season long.

In the video above, we meet Evan Kureczka, assistant strength and conditioning coach at Hendrick Motorsports.

With a background in sports medicine as an athletic trainer, Kureczka said he is able to work with individual athletes to help tailor their workouts if they are sore in a particular area, for example.

He and head strength and conditioning coach Mark Morrison put together daily workouts for the pit crews.

“They’ll have their main workout, but depending on whether they’re a fueler or a changer, we may have some supplemental stuff more specific to them and their position,” Kureczka explained.

Learn more about the coach and Hendrick Motorsports’ strength and conditioning program in the video above.